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Refined Genetic Selection For Superior Quality

Sagrera Brahmans is home to some of the world's finest American Brahman cattle. Our registered American Brahman herd is located in South Louisiana, where Brahman cattle thrive and the Brahman Cow is revered, as she really is the Queen of Cow Country. Shawn Sagrera started his Brahman herd in 1999, with a select group of seven Brahman heifers that were purchased from Johnny Jefcoat of Double J Genetics. Jefcoat is well known around the world for his outstanding Brahman Genetics. Sagrera Brahmans decided to breed these +T.D. West 270 daughters to Brahman bulls from V8 Ranch and J.D. Hudgins. The results were a tremendous group of Brahman cattle.

Eventually Shawn Sagrera purchased a tremendous JDH Liberty Manso 847/5 daughter from Steve Hudgins, of J.D. Hudgins, that he crossed on the same set of Brahman females. This mating of great Brahman genetics resulted in a separate line of Brahman females. Devoted to using the best Brahman genetics available, Sagrera Brahmans continues to breed these same foundation bred Brahman females by +T.D. West 270 and JDH Liberty Manso 847/5 to the best bulls in the Brahman breed today.

At Sagrera Brahmans we concentrate our program on producing Brahman females that are functional, productive and beautiful. We pride our Brahman females on their femininity and their fertility. Our Brahman cattle are known for their conformation, fertility, muscling, breed character, and efficiency. The American Brahman breed is known for its heat tolerance, hybrid vigor, and efficiency, which have made Brahman cattle the preferred choice for cattlemen in North and South America, Central America, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

American Brahman cattle work for the purebred and commercial cattleman, as well as for junior Brahman exhibitors. Our cattle are sold to purebred Brahman breeders who are looking to improve their herd’s genetics, to Junior and 4H exhibitors who want Brahman cattle that have great genetics and can win in the show ring, and to commercial cattlemen who want outstanding genetics and the added benefits of fertility and great conformation that Sagrera Brahman cattle provide. We show and sell American Brahman females from high profile genetics and proven cow families, using only the best sires in the Brahman breed.

As a result of using great Brahman herd sires on our Brahman females, we have produced Ms. SS 134, Ms. SS 190, Ms. SS 191, Ms. SS 196, +Ms. SS 112/2, Ms. SS Ginger Sting 122/1, Ms. SS Liberty 144, and Ms. SS 126.

At Sagrera Brahmans our goal is to raise the best possible American Grey and Red Brahman cattle and to share our best Brahman genetics with other Brahman breeders and Brahman Enthusiast from around the world.